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Hiya there,

I'm MacKenzie your Graphic Designer and I'm all about bringing brands to life with fresh ideas and solid design. Writing about oneself can be tricky, but buckle up—here's a bit about me!​​

Let me share a few thoughts on some crucial aspects of brand development that I've picked up.

Brands often carry visual identity systems that have evolved with time, sometimes becoming a bit bloody chaotic! These changes can disrupt consistency and weaken the recognition and trust that can be so vital in today's marketing landscape. Disorganized systems can also lead to unnecessary spending and missed opportunities, something every brand wishes to avoid.

​To stay vibrant and appealing in today’s market, many established brands need a bit of a refresh. By updating your positioning and visual elements, they can enhance their relevance and competitiveness, breathing new life into their market presence.​​

Movie Poster Design Template_edited.jpg

​​Sometimes, the only way forward is through transformation. Recognizing when this is necessary and guiding the process to achieve internal support and external validation can be pivotal. It’s a journey that requires careful navigation but can lead to remarkable outcomes.

Creating brands is an exciting adventure! It starts with a deep understanding of the market, the ideal customers, and the competition. These insights are the foundation for crafting a strong positioning, a compelling brand narrative, and a cohesive visual language.

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