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Dundas Lions Club - Foundation website & media campaign


Dundas Lions Club



The Dundas Lions Club reached out in need of a new website. The Dundas LC was chartered in 1931 by Lions International and has dedicated its service to the people of Dundas from its inception till today. TDLC is made up of about 37 members and operates out of The Dundas Lions Memorial Community Centre.

Quickly during my initial meeting, I gathered that their biggest challenge was not understanding the system their parent organization put in place. Their charitable prospects and service initiatives had been long unrecognized within their small town. However, my support was offered to help further develop their clubs visual identity, this was to build an internal structure that helped their second problem.

Reaching and gaining a younger membership. Being the youngest person to grace them each meeting, was challenging. I built deeper trust and helped make candid suggestions to better help them make effective operation of their (previously non-existent) online platform.

The following are examples pitched during our interactions.

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