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Sterling Ray



The meaning behind my domain is it's my middle names. My full name is MacKenzie Sterling Ray Martin, yes from birth. An aspiring personality hire for a great team, and a talented designer. I'm always uncertain how to write about myself in a way that won't come off either too pretentious or lacking in what people look for. Buckle up...

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That's right! I've got everything you're looking for, even a dash of what you don't even know you're looking for! I've studied graphic design (duh), I've built a half-decent spread of projects for my portfolio ("Only 6 months outta school" he says while working with a nonprofit, a few small businesses, two mentors, a career coach, and consuming as much design literature my poor-eyesight eyes can handle), and still hasn't found a job in 2024 *sigh*

I honestly feel kinda bad for you. I mean, all this raw work ethic? and no shareholders to make happy?! You're missing out my friend. But ah well, can't be helped I guess. I get lonely, so maybe check back at month 12, I might have a lot on my plate by then, but I'm always open to see how you're doing. 

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